This is not another call for … ’cause it already came, and will be even louder in next few months and the years to come. Let me … my band, my sacred legend of Rock’n Roll, or only p

This is not another call for recognition ’cause it already came, and will be even louder in next few months and the years to come. Let me introduce my band, my sacred legend of Rock’n Roll,
or only part of it, since Rock’n Roll is the legend…As one.
This is called PEARLCOPPER.

Women love PEARLCOPPER. And many Rockstars and Rockers find a leading edge in Him, like Jeff Beck, for example. Any questions?
Fast, intelligent, sincere, energetic, honest, outgoing and loud Rock’n Roll hero. And He calls his way…PEARLCOPPER.
You can see women hanging out there at bars on Tuesday or Friday night looking also for real music, or at concert at your local music hall or at festival, sitting on the grass with friends in company of guys…smoking pot and drinking beer.
That’s what women want. That’s what everyone wants.
Stunning and rare onstage PEARLCOPPER live concert is what every women, beside all Rockers, want to see, be part of it all.
‘For Rock’n Roll is important cultural movement. It saved society. Drugs, drag and Anarchism were introduced to Rock’n Roll as a fashion; not what Rock’n Roll is.’

One-man Progresive Rock band formed and sustained with musical and visual original creativity by
Mark Spiewak.

‘But where to start with this voice that created legend of Rock Star’s own. Whether on the streets of
the most ‘civilized’ cities in this fucking world, or on sacred European land, where he visited castles and streets, or in Venice, where his legend was sacrificed in the shadow of ancestral light…’
(Part of prologue from ‘Blood of Rock’n Roll’ book which PEARLCOPPER is writting)

How would that be to watch another coming of true legend, then watch and experience my original
performance, like watching shaman swaggering about the stage with shocking and amazing Rock music filled with apocaliptic sound – sound saturated, overdrived and compressed in linear parts of seconds, then expanding into spectrum of uncommon and deconstructed guitar tones and riffs, ranging from amazing collage of smooth tunes to gut-splitting sound. I deconstruct the common guitar tunes and flight.
It’s like watching soundscape of symphonic elements with apocaliptic sound, rhythm and melody – mostly original, on my own…
My idea of Rock, Rock’n Roll and, finally, Hard Rock is to shock, and even disturb the audience, and sooth it at certain momentum. It’s all filled with passion, rage and faith.(For the future of Rock’n Roll, World’s Peace and Confidence)

Currently, I’m working on my epic scale debut album ‘Sabbath NesT’ that includes ‘Rhythm of Time’ song-Apocaliptic version, from which I created another version of it – Bridge version. Both symphonies are in their way energetic and powerful that contain that apocaliptic grandiose within perspectives of classical music. Moreover, the Bridge version gives more insights, and shows more detailed layout of soundscape,by allowing more space and free time between life, or dance of sounds.
Both songs gave a background to creation of ‘Sabbath River’ song which consists of more structural as
well as psychedelic and innovative soundscapes, mixed with few common riffs of Rock’n Roll and Classical music which are redefined. A real breakthough. In addition to guitar and synth, there is total flight, life and fire of drums. Whether it’s solo drum, accompaniment or drum hurricane, it’s all to bring it all together, like all at once… The guitar part and guitar solo part in ‘Sabbath River’ is one of the most creative of all guitars in history of Rock’n Roll, ranging for nearly thirty minutes, crushing into everything there is
left – when the legend of vision of sound is approaching the peak..Swaggering with electric guitar about the stage on the horse, like black Stallion, then among the fans.

Is Rock’n Roll loosing ‘Its’ identity?

‘Making Rock’n Roll alive in the shithole of human degradation…Or however you want to call it,
whether social or moral meltdown.’

‘Gothlieb happend to be inspired by Indian rock-carvings. His lifetime fascination with Theirs and This myth made him convinced that Art is timeless.
Another human considered music as timeless. He ‘conquered’ the world by creating his own way in
Rock’n Roll, or only part of It – since Rock’n Roll is the legend as one…To become alived in younger
generations since the last wave of It. And It would never be the same as with the bravest wave of
Rock’n Roll…And sacred.’
(From ‘Blood of Rock’n Roll’ book which PEARLCOPPER’s writing…It’s
in ending writing process, and at least, it’s for sale.)

Check it out for your own drive.
The message. The sound and silence. And the rage of PEARLCOPPER at:

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