1: Bisexual is less visible than homosexuality, and bisexual faces different misunderstandings and problems.
If you are on the road with a gay and seem very close, you may think that you are gay. Con…

1: Bisexual is less visible than homosexuality, and bisexual faces different misunderstandings and problems.

If you are on the road with a gay and seem very close, you may think that you are gay. Conversely, if you walk carefully with a stranger on the street, then people may feel that you are a heterosexual; unless you are walking with a boy and a girl at the same time, it is possible to imagine that you are a bisexual. Maybe it won’t ever go wrong. If the three of you are walking intimately together, you will think that you are going shopping together, with your male girlfriends or your other types of friends. It shows that there may be no such concept of bisexual in people’s minds or minds. Therefore, in our world, bisexual is invisible and absent in the deconstruction of the right to speak. On the other hand, bisexual faces different misunderstandings and problems. Just like the situations, I listed just now, bisexuals themselves have their different emotional puzzles.

2.Bisexual and transgender existence challenges the dual-gender order.

In the dual order of our society, everyone will think that the world is either male or female, or gay or heterosexual, black or white. But in fact, our community is not black or white; there are many gray, we can not see, more yuan zone. There is a theory before that human sexual orientation is a broad spectrum, which is gay and heterosexual at both ends of the spectrum. Including I read a book a while ago, Freud, as a psychologist, also said in the early years that everyone has the possibility of bisexual inclination. Therefore, the existence of bisexual/transgender challenges the dual division of sexual orientation and gender in our society. For example, if you are a male or a female, how can you not be a man or a woman; you either love a man or a woman, how can you both love, or even if you are not a man or a woman, you love.

3. Understanding bisexual is a reflection of its limitations

– Heterosexual is not normal but too ordinary

I feel that knowing bisexual is to see the diversity of our lives. Our organization was working on a project called “Rainbow Media Award.” There is a vista reporter who left a few words on ta’s circle of friends. “It’s not so much interested in LGBT issues; it’s more about life. I am very interested in this.” Because I also feel that my bisexual or generalized experience has given me a richer understanding of the world, so if you are willing, encourage everyone to explore the different doors of the world. For gay friends or friends who participate in gay sports, knowing bisexual allows us to reflect on our limitations in the process of understanding others: What is our thinking blocked? What has formed the perspective, ideas, and structure of the problem we are looking at now? We can better understand the life we live by knowing things we don’t understand or things outside our life concept.

Transgender is an identity exploration based on its own gender identity. In the relationship between love and being loved, bisexual discover the infinite possibilities of sexual orientation identification. The starting point is in different fields as if it is a free-fall experience, and finally, Meet in the big river of gender life, cherish each other, join hands with the big waves of the mainstream, and march towards a golden and diverse world of beauty.

This is the chairman of the Hong Kong Transgender Resource Center and a perfect friend of mine – Joanne said, I think it is exciting and shared with everyone.

4.Bisexual/transgender existence.

Is a reminder of the LGBT movement

– What are we involved in social movements?

When I was in the sport, I heard some friends say: As long as we have a gay marriage after a homosexual marriage, we will win, or our competition will come to an end. We are going to start thinking about now. What is the purpose of our participation in a social movement or involvement in social work? Our goal is because I am a homosexual, so is it enough for me to win the rights I want, or to say that I am The struggle for the rights of all people exists for the justice and justice of society.

5. It’s not a phrase, and it is my life

When I was in the United States, I attended a meeting. The person in charge of bisexual dating sites there gave me a badge with the following: “It’s not a phrase, and it is my life.”  feel particularly touched as i think the different words we see in society, including bisexual, homosexuality, farmers, workers, transgender, etc., from the words ta, they are not only different words, they are not alone It is a simple word that represents the separate identities of a person and the particular specific and productive personal life of each person represented by this identity. I feel that if we can all feel the real experience of ourselves from some of the identifying characteristics of different people, I think it is very beneficial for everyoneScience Articles, and it is beneficial.


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