Choosing a suitable domain name for your brand, product or service plays an important role, when it comes to brand/product recognition and is considered one of the most important factors to consider, when planning online marketing campaign. 

Having a good domain name is a key factor when it comes to
having a successful website. And when it comes to the needs of the business,
your website simply needs the best name in order to be the most successful one.
However, due to the fact that the Internet is such a vast space, good domain
names might seem mythical and even inexistent as the daily registrations are
more than 10000. Now imagine how many registrations have been made from the
beginning up to date. Yes, it surely is a lot and finding a good name that
isn’t already taken might be quite a challenge. The idea for a good domain name
should incorporate something that will be available for use, relevant to the
nature of the website, intuitive and memorable as well as easy to write. Here
are some tips that will help you with the task of creating a unique and
memorable domain name:

1. Make sure to choose something that is quite memorable

There are countless different domains over the web and it is
really easy to get lost when searching for a specific one. In order to pick a
name that stands out in the crowd you are advised to choose something that is
witty or clever. Oddness will surely leave a mark in the memory of your
clients, which is the main goal. Make sure that you remember to pick a name
that will be both witty and still relevant to your business. Try to avoid
common terms as they are both easy to forget and harbor the danger of being
already taken. Uncommon words are another great way to find a unique domain
name, which is also shorter.

2. Try getting the .com extension

It is a known fact that the .com extension after the domain
name is the one that is most commonly used. Other good options include .net,
.biz, .info, .org. However, you can be sure that when most of the people do a
search for a certain website, the first option they try is .com, which means
that if you have it, the traffic that your website will get will be
significantly increased.

3. Think about misspellings

Many brands have a common practice of registering most of
the common misspellings of their websites in order to prevent loss of potential
clients. Taken that in mind, you can be smart too and predict the most common
typing errors that people can make when searching for your site and make sure
that they will reach it even if they spell it wrong.

4. Buy extra extensions

Another option that is similar to the misspellings one is to
get some additional extensions. It doesn’t cost much and it will provide you
with more traffic which, in the end, is the ultimate goal that a website has.

5. Choose shorter names

Even if your brand’s name is bigPsychology Articles, it is not necessary to
write the full name in the domain. Better choose something shorter and catchier
– it is a fact that such names work better.

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After learning some useful tips about choosing a domain (interesting to know is that the Swedish term is domän) name, it is time to search for a suitable reseller. If you happen to live in Sweden, I can recommend Unoeuro