I have rendered my  actions such that after rendering my personal sustenance means minimal whatever capability I possessed was used only for contemporary world requirements and welfare tasks. Ceaseless self contentment was accrued and as a result the physical, mental, financial, family etc life created situations of joy and laughter. Apart from this on the basis of integrity and talent I attained public honor and cooperation.

I have rendered my  actions such that after rendering my personal sustenance means minimal whatever capability I possessed was used only for contemporary world requirements and welfare tasks. Ceaseless self contentment was accrued and as a result the physical, mental, financial, family etc life created situations of joy and laughter. Apart from this on the basis of integrity and talent I attained public honor and cooperation.

At a gross level the body can be categorized thus:

1)      Hands

2)      Legs

3)      Trunk

4)      Head

If we wish to dive deeper each of the above can be further sub classified. The trunk of our body includes our heart, lungs, stomach etc and these organs also possess sub parts.

In the same way my life too can be categorized thus:

It is only the soul that can rule our body. It is its authority that helps run our life. If our director is in an apt state and on an optimal path only then can we live a life of all round progress and joy. The material world is managed by material science and the conscious realm is directed by spiritual science. It is our ill fate that the aspect of production of objects via material science is in our grasp but its apt good usage totally eludes us all. Spiritual science in a certain sense has totally been ignored. None knows how to avail its benefits and use the latter properly. People harbor imagination akin to cheap miracle mongers and pickpockets. As per their whims and fancies people carry out cheap and lopsided applications. Hence what can one expect from all this? Only anger and despair rule in the spiritual arena. Mobs no doubt increase everyday but side by side hollowness emerges more and more.

Under such situations it was felt required that ordinary people be taught the importance, true nature and beneficial results of spiritual science since it can help all attain both material and spiritual prosperity. For this, instead of just quoting scriptural seers, great teachings, mythology tales etc it was thought best that research is done in spiritual science and its experiences be placed in front of all. In this manner the bare reality can be understood and those who experience its need and great utility value shall bravely make due efforts to attain them.

In my daily routine those aspects are worth noting that showcase important success. In it one description is of those incidences that can be termed extraordinarily successful. When a lot of apt means are available so many huge tasks have been executed in this world in the past and are seen even today. But amazing is that when a person without much means and in a lone manner takes up tasks that require untold valor and actually reaps success. How was all this possible? This is described by people as ‘Sadhana se sidhi’ or success via spiritual austerities. At its roots apart from intense will power and an honest inner personality no other visible cause can be found. People can definitely also call it God or some deity’s boon. This was experienced not just by me. If you make a note of all great people and saints the world over their lives have been filled with such miraculous feats. At the preliminary stage they were ordinary like any lay person. But finally they became capable of carrying out such tasks that they can only be called extraordinary. How did all this fit in so well? How was such good fate accessed? How did situations become more conducive? The answer to these questions is different from the standpoint of incidences that occurred, but if its gist is taken note of its foundation flow has been one type only.

I have rendered my mode of actions such that after rendering my personal sustenance means minimal whatever capability I possessed was used only for contemporary world requirements and welfare tasks. In this manner a 3 fold benefit was attained. Ceaseless self contentment was accrued and as a result the physical, mental, financial, family etc life created situations of joy and laughter. Apart from this on the basis of integrity and talent I attained public honor and cooperation. Anyone attaining both these means their work potential shall increase manifold in comparison to lay folks. People get shattered and broken minded only when their life reeks with inner restlessness that gives rise to external opposition, enmity and duels. For success apt and capable enterprise/feats by attacking the rocks of inner and outer hardships renders them pounded to pulp. If such tasks are taken up that reek with selfishness, sense titillation, hoarding and a mad rush to amass wealth at any cost, situations force us to enter the dangerous world of stiff competition. Man immersed in various wily schemes and a dire competitive atmosphere attains minuscule success with so much difficulty.

Apart from this the 3rd aspect is that of divine help. For great good tasks it has ceaselessly poured down else anyone working in the midst of non cooperation and lack of all sorts even if one tries imbibing ideals not much success is reaped. In the subtle core of this world management destiny’s divine law is subtly active. For fulfilling great glorious goals an unknown help is always at work. It creates such obstacles on the path of vile and wily people that despite them possessing a lot of power cannot reach that peak of success as desired by them. Behind the defeat of powerful demons it is this divine law and activity that is at work. Behind the mind boggling success of pious great people too is at work this unknown divine power. It is termed Almighty God. It is called one who helps true devotees and a power that overpowers demonic elements the world over.

In the ‘Sadhana se sidhi’ section those small time incidents have been mentioned that have taken place in my life. Despite lacking skills and means, if these tasks got fulfilled in lesser time than is normally required showcases that over here the root principles of spirituality have been imbibed and practiced in all day to day transactions. In it there is no eulogy of any particular person but instead those root principles of spirituality have been detailed that anyone imbibing them deeply both mentally and in the outer world can march ahead swiftly in the realm of sacred idealism. Thus he can attain stupendous success in life.

In the previous pages another chapter is worth noting. It is regarding attaining a direction for one’s aspiration and deep interest. Each person is a master of his mind. He can think about anything and do anything but if we take a hard look this actually is not seen. People ape current trends in society, they flow with the wind and swim in accordance with waves. They carry out actions that are executed by majority of other people. These days the trend is blowing in a bad manner. Each one wants to rush forward for becoming rich and pursue sense titillation pleasures. They desire to hoard wealth etc by hook or by crook and whatever they can amass for showcasing their bloated ego they do so insanely. In a nutshell this is today’s trend and tradition. The question is not as to who needs what for sustenance? The question instead is very different from this. In order to be called ‘big’ in society, how much does one amass more and become more vagabond like in comparison to others? In order to ‘boss’ over others how much should one pursue wasteful expenditure so as to parade their vain pomp and superficial glittering lifestyle. People discuss ideals only akin to reading novels and hearing speeches but when it comes to putting these ideals, ethics etc in day to day living they label it not feasible and impractical. When an opportunity comes their way they are not averse to take up unwholesome addictions (alcohol, narcotic drugs etc) and execute unethical tainted activities. When they find a way to get protected from its dire reactions they call it ‘shrewdness’ on their path. The more someone parades his wealth, physical beauty etc the more he is ‘looked up’ to. Vile traditions too are included in this. None of them are averse to following social tainted acts like unwholesome addictions (alcohol, narcotic drugs etc), marriage ceremonies that cost a bomb, women forced to veil their faces (Purdah System), physically staying away from ‘backward caste’ people, becoming so called ascetics for getting free food/clothes etc. Of course! In the form of lip service they shall ‘oppose’ all the above but when it comes to day to day transactions none of the above vile activities are given up.

In a gist we can say that the above is the world trend and a majority of people follow it visibly or on the sly. The 2nd great effect of my imbibing spiritual philosophy both inwardly and outwardly was that I created distrust towards each and every such trendy beliefs and I vowed that I would now start thinking deeply in a newly refreshing manner. Each trend whether new or old would be tested via proof, logic, aptness etc and only those shall be imbibed by me that can actually raise human glory to peaks of supreme greatness.

Our Viveka or farsighted discrimination helps us imbibe spiritual science with a true sincere psyche. Hence scriptural seers call it ‘Prajna’. It is this that is prayerfully eulogized by terming it Vedmata, Devmata, Vishwamata etc.

It is in darkness spread all around me that I had to light my flame. With my axe I had to chop off bushy plants so as to make a road. I walked on it all alone. Not one of my companions was brave enough to be prepared to accompany me. Whomsoever I asked: You must not accept any blind trend and must instead be brave enough to imbibe that which is true even if it means you have to remain alone on doing this. But none accepted what I advised. Instead they all tried to explain to me the dire result of walking against the trend. They said that even the mighty elephant swims in the direction taken by waves because it is in his ‘best’ interest and hence they told me how can you go against the trend of society? As an answer I gave them the example of a fish. It swims against the trend of the flow of water in a whizzing manner. If a fish can swim against the flow direction why can’t I walk against the trend? As an answer virtually all of them said: First become a fish and then only talk to us.

The sun is alone and darkness is so widespread. Sun is truth and darkness rules only when light is lacking. Hence darkness is unreal. Spirituality told me after I imbibed it much before I did worship rites said: There is no problem in living alone and walking alone on life’s path. We must refuse to sit on a golden chariot created from imbibing unethical acts. Instead the direction of truth must be taken up even if it means we get dragged ahead a bit painfully. It is this pillar that was taken recourse to by great Rishis of yore and that I must take up those tasks advised by them and execute them to the best of my ability. Gods are meant for worship and great Rishis of yore must be offered humble obeisance. Today not one amongst these is believed worth giving a spot in an enterprising manner in the realm of our sacred sentiments, aspiration, thinking and day to day lifestyle.

In ancient times many great Rishis existed. They in their contemporary times had imbibed that mode of action that was in tandem with situations prevalent then. They always labored honestly to remain immersed in spiritual austerities and egg on others to take up that era’s righteous duty. It is said that a Rishi aids in the soul meeting Almighty God. Today many cannot be called saints also because they only fulfill your selfish lowly desires. They do not surrender their entire being at the feet of Almighty God. Hence this Rishi class has virtually disappeared today but the ancient term Rishi is yet in our midst as a symbolic terminology. None has shown the valor of reaching their great inner heights of glory. Hence on my part at least from the standpoint of word meaning I have tried to maintain purity akin to great Rishis of yore.

Who is a Rishi and who isn’t? Discussing this here is an exercise in futility. What is great is that the Rishi tradition yet exists. Such type of sacred sentiments must gush forth and as per their inspiration man must make plans. Tasks must be designed in accordance and those vows taken must be seen thru’ to the last letter without dilly dallying even a wee bit.

If you see Rishi tradition manifesting in my life know that to the extent it dwells in me in that measure true spirituality has been imbibed by me internally and externally. There was a time in ancient eras when great Rishis had uplifted the world in the true sense of its term. At that time Satyuga or Golden Era’s environment had manifested on our planet earth. In this body of bones, blood etc man had imbibed divinity. This is true Rishi tradition and it must be reawakened. The true nature of spirituality and Rishi tradition must merge into each other inseparably.

If soil is fertile and apt seeds are sown in itBusiness Management Articles, in an apt environment it definitely blooms forth. If this harvest is not used and instead is sown again and again then in a certain time frame such a crop shall be seen growing in a lush green manner in a widespread area.

If spirituality has its foundation in authentic principles and if it is practiced with profound faith its transformation too shall be such. Such efforts made by a few individuals can change the entire world environment in a great glorious manner. In previous eras such a Satyuga or Golden Era environment was created on this very footing. Such an environment needs to be re created in today’s modern contemporary times. If great glorious people march forward in this direction they can usher in their own and innumerable others’ well being. The 2 fold benefit of talent and inspiration on the above basis can uplift the entire world to top heights of greatness.

My life’s tasks must be read not from the standpoint of various incidences but from that standpoint wherein due to divine grace pouring on it ceaselessly did the episode of ‘Sadhana se sidhi’ succeed or not. In the same way it is also worth noting that while exhibiting spirituality in my life that is apt for others to follow suit have my steps in life marched ahead or not for imbibing the great Rishi tradition of yore? To the extent one finds authenticity in this they must gauge that the true nature of spiritual science is this only. The more one includes sacred ideals while sanctifying the inner psyche and radiating one’s outer life he shall benefit via those Vibhootis (divine skills) that are conjoined to spiritual philosophy and mode of action.

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