If you are in the market for a laminator that
warms up in the blink of an eye, you don’t need look any further than
the GBC HeatSeal QuickStart H420. This is one machine that warms up in a
jiffy so you can get your work done in record time.

1.) Get started right away. As mentioned above, the H420 warms up
extremely fast. It will be ready for use in just one minute, which is
one of the fastest warm-up times of any laminator. This machine is able
to warm up so quickly because it has an innovative halogen heating
element. When this device is ready to go, you’ll know it because audio
and visual indicators will signal it.

2.) Laminate more in less time. In addition to the short warm-up time,
this device can laminate a document in no time at all. It is capable of
laminating a letter-sized document in a mere 30 seconds. Imagine how
many documents you’ll be able to laminate in just a few minutes.

3.) Use different pouches. The H420 is compatible with pouches that are
3, 5, and 7 mil thick. That way you’ll be able choose just the right
thickness for whatever you’re laminating. The documents you laminate can
be up to 12.5″ wide, so this is a great machine to get if you need to
work with letter- and legal-sized paper.

4.) Laminate whatever you want. This device can perform both hot and
cold lamination, so you’ll be able to laminate pretty much whatever you
want. Thanks to the H420’s cold setting, you’ll even be able to laminate
photographs, color copies, and other items that could be potentially
damaged by heat.

5.) No more jammed pouches. If, when you’re using this machine, you find
that a pouch gets jammed, fixing the problem will be really easy.
That’s because the H420 has a patented quick release feature that will
allow you to remove the jammed pouch in mere seconds. Since you won’t be
wasting time fighting with pouch jams, your workday will go much more

6.) Ease of use. One of the best things about the H420 is that it’s very
easy to use. You can control it by utilizing the buttons right on the
front of the machine. The function of each button is clearly marked so
you’ll be a lamination pro in no time, even if this is your first time
using this kind of device.

7.) Peace of mind. Finally, the H420 comes with a limited one-year
warranty just in case it goes on the fritz. That way, you’ll be able to
keep laminating.

The GBC HeatSeal QuickStart H420 is a really terrific laminator. It’s
super easy to use, has both hot and cold settings, and can be used to
laminate heat-sensitive documents. And, of course, it warms up and
laminates quickly so you can get things done. Buy this machine today so
you can speed things up and get more done in less time.

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