If you have been looking for a plastic comb
binding machine for moderate use, you really ought to take a look at
some of the products GBC has to offer. One of their best products for
moderate office use is the GBC CombBind C110.

1.) It has great punching and binding capacities. The C110 has pretty
remarkable punching and binding capacities. With this device, you’ll be
able to punch up to 15 sheets of paper per lift and your books can
contain a maximum of 300 pages. This makes it great for all kinds of
documents including proposals, marketing plans, sales literature, and

2.) It offers painless operation. This is one of the most ergonomically
friendly binding machines you can buy. It has a full-sized, U-shaped
handle that both right- and left-handed operators can comfortably use.
The shape of the handle will help reduce the risk of repetitive motion

3.) You can do more in less time. There are separate levers/handles for
punching and binding. This will allow you to do more in less time while
still producing high-quality results. You’ll be able to use oversized
covers with this device because the edge guide is adjustable.

4.) You can store and select your combs. The C110 has a comb selector
guide so you’ll always know which size comb you need to use for your
document. This makes the process easier and ensures you won’t waste time
trying to work with a comb that isn’t right for your document. There is
also a storage tray for your combs to keep them all in one place.

5.) You can use different binding supplies. In addition to plastic
combs, the C110 is compatible with GBC ZipBind spines. ZipBind supplies
are great for when you want to be able to edit your document at some
point in the future. They can be opened with a special zipper tool so
you can add and remove pages as necessary.

6.) It looks great. The C110 has a contemporary design that you’ll love.
It will look great in your office.

7.) It’s affordable and covered by a great warranty. The C110 is
reasonably priced so you’ll be able to afford it even if your budget is
tight. It comes with a limited one-year warranty so you can get it fixed
or even replaced if something goes wrong.

From its terrific punching capacity to its ergonomically friendly
handle, the GBC CombBind C110 is truly a terrific device. This machine
is easy to use and you won’t get worn out when working with it.
Selecting your combs has never been easier although if combs don’t
appeal to you, there’s always GBC ZipBind spines. Plus, this product
looks great, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and it has a generous
warranty. So if your office needs a plastic comb binding machine for
moderate useFind Article, the C110 would be a fantastic choice.

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