GBC makes pouch laminators that are great for a
wide variety of uses, including those that demand a commercial-grade
machine. One of the company’s best machines is the HeatSeal H700pro, a
high-quality device that is great for laminating all of your important

1.) You can laminate large items as well as mounting boards. The H700pro
has a feed opening that’s wide enough to accommodate documents that are
up to 18 inches wide. With this machine, you’ll be able to laminate a
lot of wide-format items including menus, signs, banners, and more.
You’ll even be able to use mounting boards to create visual aids, etc.,
so long as the board isn’t more than.10″ thick.

2.) All of your work will look fantastic. This commercial-grade
laminator has four rollers and two heated plates so all of your items
will be flawlessly laminated. In fact, because of the rollers and
plates, you’re unlikely to ever see any of your documents marred by
imperfections such as bubbles.

3.) You can use thick pouches. When laminating with the H700pro, you’ll
be able to work with pouches as thick as 10 mil. You can use both
thermal and pressure-sensitive pouches depending on what your document
needs. If a pouch gets jammed, there’s a motorized reverse function that
can help you remove the pouch.

4.) It has adjustable temperature and heat settings. The heat and speed
settings on this device are totally adjustable. There’s even a cold
lamination setting that’s perfect for heat-sensitive items such as color
copies. You can control the settings via a digital keypad which is easy
to use. When you select the top speed setting, you’ll be able to
laminate a document that’s 60″ long in just one minute.

5.) You don’t need a carrier – but you should use one anyway. Using a
carrier is optional. If you don’t use one, you can save a tiny bit of
time, but using one is recommended. If you don’t use one, adhesive can
seep out of your pouches which can gum up the machine, causing pouch
jams and damaging the device’s interior.

6.) It will shut off on its own. The H700pro will automatically shut
down after it hasn’t been used for a period of time. This helps keep the
motor in great shape because it won’t overheat.

7.) It has a great warranty. Finally, this laminator comes with a
limited one-year warranty so you’ll be covered in case you have any
trouble with the device.

In short, the GBC HeatSeal H700pro has just about anything you could
ever want in a laminator. It is mounting board-capable, can do cold
lamination, has four rollers, and its settings can be completely
adjusted. Plus, the motor won’t overheat and the machine’s warranty is
great. And let’s not forget that everything you laminate with this
device will look fantastic. With so many things to offerFind Article, it’s pretty
clear: the H700pro is the commercial-grade laminator you need. Get one
today so you can start laminating!

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