Web hosting services and domain name registrations are two most important stages when you want a website of your own on the World Wide Web. Let us see in this article the reason for this. You will be benefited with unique domain name. Get in touch with us where you will find as your requirements.

A webhosting service is nothing but the service which is responsible to provide accessibility to one’s website through the WWW (World Wide Web). For webhosting the host needs a server. This server can use either of the following operating systems: Windows, Unix, Linux and Macintosh. Whereas it is possible for the host to use anyone of the above mentioned operating systems, however, they generally prefer one amongst the Linux or the Windows operating systems. Let us look at the reasons for this preference.Web server linux hosting is amongst the most preferable operating system for the hosting the web. Reason being, Linux is the cheapest and yet the most durable operating system. The term durable in terms of an operating system must be understood as the system which can be secure from various threats and can also be very well optimized from time to time as and when needed. Linux provides all these factors to bring it into the list of most wanted operating system as the host.

Unix and Macintosh systems have their own constraints. Unix being similar to Linux is a bit costlier than Linux, and Macintosh is too uncommon to be found, mostly because it is quite costly itself. Now we are left with web server windows hosting which is undoubtedly the most commonly used operating systems to host your server. The main reason for Windows being so popular is that it has been most famous through many years, even though it is not cheaper than Linux. Yet Windows managed to make itself the most popularly known and used operating systems over the years. So if you want to get your website hosted by web server windows hosting it wouldn’t be a trouble. When owning a website it is mandatory for you to get yourself a domain. Domain names like .com, .gov, .edu etc.., are few of the domain names that you can get your website registered with. A domain name provides an alias for your IP address which is easy for every human being to remember.

This domain name when typed on the browser address bar, directs one to your website which is stored at your web hosting server. Therefore we see that in order to own a website it is important for you to get a domain registration and hosting both. Like we are able to outsource everything in today’s world, so is the case with web server hosting. It is known as reseller hosting services. A reseller host buys a part of the bandwidth from the main web server and stores at his disposal, in the form of hard drive space or bandwidth on his own server. Now this reseller web host sells his bandwidth to the other people who want to run their website. The reason why a main web server let’s this happen is that with the increasing amount of bandwidth requirementHealth Fitness Articles, it becomes difficult for even a terra byte web server host to accommodate its entire customer. Also such kind of outsourcing may provide at times the security of data. This is how today web service providers like the host owners and the outsourcing companies and individuals are providing web hosting services.

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