Cross-dressing is a practice that is adopted when a person dress in the attire of the opposite sex. Cross dressers are very much different to drag queens who are many a times gay and are often artists who imitate women singers and other stars.

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Most of the cross dressers that you come across are normal human beings who may be compelled to wear female attires. When it comes to cross dressing its not a sheer indication of homosexuality .In fact mostly it is not at related to sexuality. There are people who get sexual kicks and they may often love dressing up in tight low-cut dresses; they may sometimes masturbate while looking at pictures of themselves. This is not the behavior of an average transvestite. Masturbation plays a major role in crossdresser sex. Women at times direct there opposite gender to clean the house several hours before she enters the bedroom for sex.

Cross-dressing vs. dressing up in clothes of the opposite gender needs a difference in presentation and intent. A man who wears the jeans of a female just because it fits well is not what we call cross-dressing. A cross dresser or a transvestite is focused mainly on the perceived sex of the dressing. A cross dresser will cross dress because it is “male” or it is “female”. He would not even care to see whether it fits properly or not. It is all about why and not about what. Many women can be seen cross dressed in long pants just because it is “for men”. Most of the male cross dressers have got a macho look but they enjoy cross dressing to get a physical feel of dressing.

Estimates have shown that in many of the developed countries, out of every 10, 1 can be seen practicing cross-dressing. But because it is still a male-dominated society, women tend to be fewer in number. Cross-dressing has crossed all types of professional, social and psychological barriers. Many cross dressers live under the fear of being caught. Around one-fourth of the total number of male cross dressers have never ever dared to share their secret with their better half’s. This clearly indicates that around the world there is millions of females are married to cross dressers and they are not even aware of this fact. There are about 25000 females in every one million who don’t know about their husband being a cross dresser. Even your best friend, your seniorFind Article, your doctor or your brother could be a secret cross dresser.