Male and female can be distinguished by their voice, physique, style, or type of clothing in a human society, which established a norm, that what to be wore by an each gender. Wearing clothing of opposite sex is Cross-dressing. Without any reason or cause it is a behavior adopted by a person. This act sometimes is connected to transgender identity or homosexual behavior.

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 However it doesn’t always indicate transgender behavior of the person that is it is not necessary that that person has gender difference from that assigned at birth. No motive behind this is identified.

It is majorly a socially generated matter. Like now a days females used to wear pants that is commonly assigned to males is not considered as cross-dressing. And in some cultures men wear skirts like garments such as kilt or sarong are not considered as female clothes.

Crossdresser clothes are of many types and worn because of many reasons. One of the reasons can be comfort or style. In which case the cross-dressing may or may not be seen by others. Another reason for it can be that that person wants to break a norm of the society or to create an evolution for the orthodox people. Some people cross-dressed to cover their true identity. Like history is the evidence that women cross-dressed to take up male dominated professions such as military services. In some single-sex plays, performers used to dress like opposite-sex to play for a role or to give a comic performance on the stage or on the screen. Transgender people are those people who gone under gender reassignment wear the dresses of opposite sex that they were.

The act of wearing female undergarments by the male cross dressers under their male clothes is generally termed as under dressing. Cross dressing among males is more noticeable than females. However, history witnessed that women got less attention than men in cross dressing. In this modern society, it is difficult to identify a cross dressing in a female like trousers are now globally accepted as a women apparels. Except some of the clothing considered as men’s wear, many of men’s wear is now socially accepted for both men and women. Therefore, a tough jeans and shirt wore by a women does not give attention of cross dressing, whereas a skirt wore by a men instantly got the attention of people as a cross dressing. Because the female assigned dresses have the feminism in themFree Web Content, men are not supposed to wear such cloths that decrease their masculine standards.