When my partner had our first baby twenty years ago all of our friends thought we were quite mad to use reusable baby nappies. Back then disposable nappies were the latest craze and because of their convenience were considered by many as the only baby nappies to use. Reusable nappies had a very old fashioned image and not something young parents should be seen using. People considered us to be somewhat different to want to use reusable baby nappies, but our response was that cloth nappies had been in use for a considerable number of years before the disposable variety came along; so, we pondered, how can reusable ones be different?

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And now, two children later we still have that same opinion, it is just that our methods have changed. Thankfully during that time peoples attitude to reusable baby nappies have also changed. As I grew older and more aware of the world around me I began to be more frugal and much more environmentally aware. I detest wasting good money and good resources and eighteen months ago when we were expecting our third child, my partner and myself found ourselves in the position where we had no baby accessories. We had moved house a couple of times and our first two children were long out of nappies. This is where I found how handy the internet could be; especially in finding reusable baby nappies.I first searched for ‘Terry Towelling Nappies’ and came across a brand of baby nappies that seemed ideal and purchased a few to try out. The only problem was that they consisted of a plastic wrap outer, which challenged my environmental beliefs. As time went on I carried out further searches on the internet and was slightly surprised to discover the many different styles of reusable baby nappies available on the market. The only thing that troubled us was the cost, I was not too happy to be asked to spend ten pounds on each nappy. Although I could appreciate that this would work out much cheaper in the long run than disposable baby nappies.
Around this time my partner rekindled her interest in sewing and whilst she made our daughter a costume for a school play I joked that shecould save us a fortune if she could produce her own reusable baby nappy. This seemed to interest her and she was soon at work producing a pattern to make her own nappies. We tested our plan out by cutting the new baby nappy from an old piece of towelling. Our first stab at the nappy was far from perfect, but after a few attempts my partner got the hang of it, she had created a reusable nappy that fitted our new born baby very snugly.
A search of the attic unearthed some old towels and t-shirts and my partner was soon busy at work and quickly made around twenty cloth nappies that cost next to nothing to produce. Thanks to my partners fore-sight we were now in the possession of a set of one-sized reusable baby nappies that would easily last the time it would take our child to become potty trained.
With a little bit of thought and a little more hard work from my partnerScience Articles, we had utilised old towels and t-shirts to save a little money and lessen our carbon footprint on the planet.
For the nappy wraps we used wool taken from old woollen jumpers that I found in a charity shop. We found that as long as the wraps were around fifty per cent wool they worked fine with a little bit of lanolin added to them.When we soaked the nappies we steered clear of nappy cleanser and opted for tea tree oil. It worked a treat and our home-made baby nappies were eco and bank balance friendly. I would suggest this solution to anyone looking to save some cash and reduce their impact on the environment.