Have you considered getting a corner computer desk, but not sure if it is worth the investment? Here are 5 things that I love about my corner desk, and increased productivity has been a result.

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I have a corner computer desk that I received a short while ago, with which I am very happy. It is a lot better than the standard desk that I was using before. Here are the five things that I love best about my corner computer desk.

  1. Work space efficiency. When I sit at the desk in the corner, to my right is the computer with the retractable keyboard shelf, very nice and easy for working. When I need to do some regular off-computer work, I just swivel 90 degrees to the left, and there is my work space: nice, clean and organized. I do not have to push the computer back, or clear stuff away, or lean awkwardly to work to the side (not good on the back). It is just a simple swivel left, and then another back to the right when I need the computer. It makes for a very efficient work environment when you work both on and off the computer.
  2. I can easily access everything I need without getting up or pushing my chair across the room. This really ties in with efficiency, but goes further. Beyond the actual work surface, I can easily access important files because my desk has a file drawer on the left. To the right, are a series of smaller drawers where I keep often accessed supplies and reference material. My printer is even handy to the right of my computer. The left side of my corner computer desk has a hutch, where I keep reference books for various products and the different computer programs that I use – it seems that I always have to look something up because it is a function I do not use regularly enough in the program!
  3. It is very stylish. Gone is the old, metal, government issued desk that I found at a garage sale. It is replaced with a sleek, stylish, golden maple desk with real wood look and feel. It has lines reminiscent of the 1960’s with the pointed feet, but somehow a lot more elegant. Probably due to the the quality finish and modern hardware. The glass in the two doors on the hutch gives it an extra touch of class, making it look more like fine furniture rather than just a functional desk.
  4. I have plenty of space in my corner computer desk. There is room for everything that I need to access, I do not have to juggle mystery piles of stuff, or spend time looking for things that have been placed somewhere “safe”. The extra work space, the hutch with cabinets and shelves, and the drawers all contribute to more space than I had before and helps me to have a place for everything.
  5. It takes the sting out of being sent to the corner as a kid! You know what I mean. Whether your parents made you stand with your nose in the corner, or your teacher made you sit on a stool in the corner of the class room, the corner just had a bad connotation when growing up. Well, no more! I like to sit in the corner. I get a lot done, I work at home and am my own boss. So, Mrs. Rodgers, you can just keep your old dunce cap!

Those are five things that I love about my corner computer desk. I worker harder and more efficiently, my work space is neater and more organized. I get my work done sooner so I have more time with my kids. And as the old adage goes, “when Mom is happyBusiness Management Articles, everybody is happy!”