Looking for quirky gifts to give those oddball friends and family members? Here’s the definitive list that helps you match them perfectly, weird for weird!

Looking for quirky gifts to give those oddball friends and family members? Here’s the definitive list that helps you match them perfectly, weird for weird!

‘Tis the season of goodwill and cheer and you’re probably through with your Christmas shopping by now. Yet there’s one big gap in your gift list – What to get those funky, eccentric, delightfully peculiar friends and members of your family who would definitely not appreciate a book or a bathrobe?


For Zany Ladies: This is a gal in a million. So don’t get her perfume and chocolates. She probably has enough of evening purses, silk scarves and books. Let her know that you know and love her unique and strange tastes. If she’s a horror-show addict, get her a Blood-Bath Shower Gel! Packaged in an authentic IV drip bag that’s found in hospitals, this cherry-red shower-gel is something she’ll love to freak her friends out with when she exits the shower! So she’s playful and loves baking? Get her a pair of oven-gloves shaped like a bunch of bananas! Other cute gifts are doggy/owl-shaped contact lens cases or a purse that looks like it’s made of streaky bacon.


For Kooky Gents: If your dad, brother, husband or son is truly wacko, they’re sure to appreciate the thought you put behind getting them something that’s way way out of the ordinary. They’re certainly not the type to appreciate utilitarian gifts like socks or a couple of T-shirts. So give them something that will make them grin widely as they open the package and something that will ensure that the smile stays on their faces every time they pick up your crazy present. Ugly sweaters in truly hideous patterns and colors, dog-butt coat hooks, BBQ branding irons with his initials on them, a set of lucky dip gift boxes, Xmas pudding bin bags, doggy-bowl-shaped Man Bowl for cereal, a skull tidy, shouting snowballs that make rude sounds or for the expectant dad – a stomach stuffer to match his partner’s baby bump.


For Oddball Teens: Weirdness and teenage go together like Santa and reindeer. If you find a teen who speaks grammatical English, wears button-down shirts for Christmas dinners and hasn’t pierced some part of his or her body, now that is weird. So stick with the unusual theme and they’ll love you for it. Spiky back-packs in metallic hues, theme socks that say stuff like “It’s my parents’ fault” or lipstick shaped markers for girls, the world’s smallest walkie-talkie set, mo-bike pizza cutters, a compilation of 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die, ammo lunch boxes, a Drama Department sign for her door, peeing statue liquor or juice dispenser, disgustingly printed pre-stained inner-wear, poop-shaped chocolates, inflatable sumo suits, prank gifts like a fart extinguisher and more!


For the unconventional characters in your family, there’s a bunch of stuff to choose from.


Freakish Dads: Does he spend an inordinate time in the loo? So get him a potty-piano that looks like a floor mat, but is actually a real piano that he can play with his toes or a Sudoku toilet roll! A swearing parrot key-ring for the dad who’s road-rage swearing could put a sailor to the blush, a Ring For Tea desk-bell, an office desk-top shooting gallery, anti-bullshit spray that he can wave around during meetings, Fifty Shades of Brown toilet paper, a retirement countdown timer, a Grumpy Old Gits wash-bag, a six-pack beer belt or a Fines For Snoring Money Tin. Your dad will have a good laugh every time he uses your eccentric gift and think of you fondly too.


Outlandish Moms: So she loves to show off her bizarre nail art, does she? Get her a Blow Monkey Nail Dryer. If she’s an organic food freak, get her a pair of bunny ears salad spoons to stick in her bowl of greens. Crazy cat ladies deserve a Crazy Cat Lady figurine, or a You’re The Cat’s Whiskas make-up bag. Working moms deserve a cookie-shaped cup warmer that powers from her computer’s USB port, while she’s sure to feel great waltzing around the house with a Queen For The Day inflatable crown on her head. Scrabble-addicted moms would adore a set of string lights shaped like Scrabble tiles. Does she love Japanese cuisine? Get her a sushi bazooka that turns out perfect sushi every time without having to mess around with sushi mats.


Whimsical Siblings: If your sibs are as off-center as you think they are, they’ll thank you for not getting them gift vouchers, cutlery, wineglasses or boxes of candy. Spend a little time picking up something that will keep them ROFL through the holiday season and beyond. Miracle Hair-Growth Soap for the follically challenged, origami sticky notes, Daily Dentures Funny Teeth sets, money toilet rolls, voice changer megaphones, funny bath salts that promise a Cure for Feeling Over 50, Racing Meerkats wind-up toys, Biohazard tape rolls, lipstick shaped flasks, office pranks sets and much more to delight the far-out brother or sister.


Topsy-Turvey Kids: If your kids are amused by funny presents, they’ll be delighted with what spills out of their stockings on Christmas morn. Give them a bellyful of laughs with Santa inflatables that show the Jolly Ol fella doing stuff like tuna fishing or moon-landing. Palm-tree and Flamingo sunglasses, gun shaped coffee mugs, a Whatever Clock for kids who hate being on time, toilet basketball, a backwards dial watch, bacon lip balm, canned unicorn meat, weird USB hubs and drives like dragon tails or smores, talking stamps, santa and elves hoodies. These lopsided laugh-a-minute gifts would certainly remind them that life’s not such a serious business after all.


Peculiar Pet-Lovers: If your recipient is someone who loves their foot-footed furry friends, get them something that shows you appreciate their taste. Board games like Woof, where the dog can also play and actually win would be perfect. GPS pet trackers, dog anxiety body-warmers for your worried pet, LED balls to play, interactive feeding bowls, auto-refilling dishes, indestructible toys are all truly pawsome gifts! Does your cat or dog love bubbles? Get them a bubble machine that gives them endless hours of bubbly fun. For the curious and investigative pet, get a peek window that gives them a peep into the other side of your fence, while a soft ZoomGroom pet groomer keeps their coats fresh and glossy. If the one you’re giving the gift to says “Love me, Love my Pet” earn their eternal gratitude by giving a pet-themed gift.


Unconventional Grandparents: If your Aged Grandparent is one of a kind, these are probably the most delightful people to buy wacky gifts for. Most people would give them something “useful” or “practical” little knowing that they’re longing for something that tickles their funny-bone! Tote bags with funny messages, I’m a Glam Gran make-up mirrors, custom printed baseball caps, golfer’s BBQ sets, Optimist Pessimist glasses, Kiddy Quotes memory books, I’m Crawling knee-pads, wig hats, wine-o-saur wine bottle holder, Good Idea, Bad Idea shot glasses, bacon jam relish, rainbow colored shoelaces and more would get them smiling from ear to ear!


So get your brain working out of the box when you’re getting Christmas gifts for the weird and wonderful people in your life!

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Shaon Hossain Opu is a freelance writer. He is now writing for Center Gifts as a Regular Contributor. 

Shaon Hossain Opu is a freelance writer. He is now writing for Center Gifts as a Regular Contributor.