If you are a woman maybe I can hook you up with one of the many lonely men who contact the king. I am the world’s greatest pick up artist and dating expert, Elvis Preston King.
If you are a man who i…

If you are a woman maybe I can hook you up with one of the many lonely men who contact the king. I am the world’s greatest pick up artist and dating expert, Elvis Preston King.

If you are a man who is lonely all you have to do is email the king.

Medicine has recognized for some time that chronically sick people are prone to depression and that those affected have a tougher road back. Now, the signs are mounting that the spectrum of depressive illness, and perhaps even bitter loneliness, may actually make healthy people more vulnerable to a range of physical ailments.

There is a cure for bitter loneliness and that cure is to hang out with the world’s number 1 playboy.

I get email everyday from men who are lonely and don’t know the first thing about meeting or approaching a woman. To me it is inconceivable to have let this important part of a man’s life get over looked for years. The unbelievable thing is that I meet AFCS (Average Frustrated Chumps who are grown men, forty, fifty, sixty and seventy year old men who just don’t have a clue about meeting women or how to enjoy them. I promote and enjoy the playboy lifestyle. I never have sex with the same woman two days in a row.

Let me give you a couple of examples. I had a couple wealthy men come down for the Elvis Bachelor Dream Tour. I explained that we re going to meet tons of hot babes in the 10 category. Life is not about having just one wife or girlfriend.

So one guy came down to the Dominican Republic and paid over $1000 a week to date what I considered a very average and old Russian girl. She was 28 years old. He was proud of himself for paying a Russian escort and thought he had really done something. I wouldn’t have dated the woman for free. Any way he decides to take the Elvis Bachelor Dream Tour. I had met tons of tens that week who wanted to meet a nice guy. I introduced him to a ten with long legs, 18 years old and looked hotter than a Victoria Secret model. He paid me for the first day and skipped out the next day with the first pretty girl he had ever seen in his life. She was beautiful but nothing compared to the other girls I had scheduled to meet him. I had did the girl one time and threw her away just not hot enough to make Elvis’s top ten. What a loser. I just couldn’t believe it. He marrys an Elvis throw away.

Then there is another guy who moved down here and married the first girl he met. After 8 years he became bored and contacted the King. I explained life is not about one wife or one girlfriend and I and my wingman Prince picked up an 18 year old ten, blond and blue. She looked like she just stepped out of Victoria Secret. Not good enough to make my Elvis’s top ten list. Any way the guy skipped out on Elvis and fell in love instantly and moved her into an apartment and gave her a lavish life while she still seen her young boyfriend. What a loser. Talk about bitter loneliness these guys had never seen a pretty young woman in their lives. If they would have listened to me they would have a life that Hugh Hefner would die for.

Men like wanna be playboys Donald Trump and Larry Ellison. Guys like these want to be a player but melt when the first pretty girl comes along and they are so insecure and believe that they will never get a chance at another hot babe if they don’t marry their conquests. Just like Larry Ellison and Donald Trump did.

Even top pick up artists are giving into one woman. I don’t want to name names, you probably know who they are.  

Ok, one girlfriend or wife beats bitter loneliness but there is so much more to life if you live the Elvis Preston King system.

I never let girls or women control me.

I never let girls use and abuse me.

I have and continue to enjoy thousands of hot women.

I do enjoy threesomes and foursomes.

I really enjoy my hot babes.

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