Microsoft Dynamics GP, or formerly this corporate ERP application was known as Great Plains Dynamics, eEnterprise, and its predecessor Great Plains Accounting for DOS, Windows and Macintosh, modern GP has vide variety of customization, integration, modification, report design tools: Dexterity, eConnect, GP SDK, Web Services for GP, Modifier with VBA

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Plus you can in some cases create SQL Server View and Stored procedure (in EDI text file export or as reporting base scenarios).  This small publication is intended to be an introduction.  We will try to keep balance of being reasonably technical and at the same time not too technical:

1. eConnect programming for Great Plains Dynamics GP,  eConnect is technology, which has encrypted SQL Stored Procedures in its foundation, and they are exposed to Microsoft Visual Studio developer via .Net libraries.  Plus eConnect has SDK helper with C# and VB code samples.  eConnect was introduced to Great Plains 7.XX versions as programming tool for eCommerce software developer to open Great Plains objects for ecommerce integrations: SOP Invoice (ecommerce shopping cart), Customer Deposit (credit card payment), Inventory Items (invoice lines), customer record and address.  It was from the beginning covering B2B and B2C ecommerce models (where Business to Customer ecommerce usually has predefined GP Walk-In customer ID).  Later on eConnect was expanded to most of Dynamics GP modules: Payroll, Project Accounting, Payroll and other modules.  Some of the modules are not covered in eConnect, for example Invoicing.  In the case of invoicing we recommend you to use Sales Order Processing, which does the same job plus more.  One last note on eConnect.  It doesn’t have Batch posting functionality, if you need batch posting, consider Alba Spectrum Posting Server
2. Dexterity Programming for Dynamics GP.  Dex is the architecture, Dynamics.dic meta dictionary is created in Dexterity.  If you are experienced Dexterity programmer, who have access to Dynamics GP Source Code, you are pretty much unlimited in your Great Plains customization abilities.  However Dex has drawbacks – if you are generic programmer with strong Object Oriented Programming or even Procedural Programming experience, Dexterity is not something very friendly and you should not expect to become Dexterity guru overnight or over week or even over year.  We recommend you to subcontract Dexterity programming to Great Plains Dexterity programmers or to Dynamics GP Partner, who runs Dynamics GP Dexterity Software Development Factory
3. Modifier with VBA.  This tool is Dexterity based.  It is not compatible with Windows.Net, this is why you will need to use VBA scripting and such Database Access technologies as Microsoft ADO (and not ADO.Net).  Modifier allows you to remove fields from existing screens, reposition them or add new fields (which are subject to animation via VBA scripts)
4. Crystal Reports for Dynamics GP.  If you are simply trying to export existing records from Great Plains, you are OK with CR Wizard, however if you are building advanced report, we encourage you to review Dynamics GP Table Structure in GP SDK (install it from CD #2) or in Dynamics GP User Interface: Tools -> Resource Description -> Tables
5. EDI Programming for Dynamics GP.  Electronic Document Interchange often doesn’t require add-ons or custom tools.  You can program EDI code in formatted SQL Select statement.  This method should save you a lot of money and make you neutral to Dynamics GP ISV partners custom modules (and their upgrade procedures and annual enhancement fees)
6. Report Writer reports in Dynamics GP.  Such popular reports as SOP Blank Invoice Form, where you place your company logo as a minimum, are handled in Dynamics GP ReportWriter
7. FRx reporting for Dynamics GP.  FRx is exclusively for Financial Reporting: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Statement of Cash Flow plus consolidated versions of these reports.  FRx is usually friendly to Accountants and doesn’t require Dynamics GP Programmer intervention
8. SQL Insert Statement directly to Dynamics GP.  This is something we are discouraging you to use, as you may violate GP business logic and data integrity.  Consider instead deploying eConnect methods
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