If you would like to know whether you husband is cheating or not, one of the best ways to find out is by tracing his cell phone calls.

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Tired of dealing with you husband’s philandering ways?  Looking to get the type of evidence that will not only give you the final proof you need to confront him with the truth, but also give you all the ammo you need to put the screws to him in divorce court?  If so, you need to look no further than his cell phone to acquire all the evidence you should need.

Why his cell phone, you ask?

Well, if your husband is actually the good-for-nothing lout that you suspect him to be, you can bet your bottom dollar that he has been speaking with his mistress or mistresses on his wireless phone.  And so your job is to get hold of his phone when he is showering or otherwise separated from it.  Then go through every single call in his phone – the incoming calls, the outgoing calls, and every single message.  Make a note of every unrecognizable phone number and get ready to search these numbers with a reverse phone directory.

Now, the numbers you will have collected from your husband’s phone will be probably be a mixture of landline, wireless, and unlisted telephone numbers.  Checking with any free phone directory on the Internet can easily identify the landline numbers.  You should be able to obtain the caller’s name and address with any of these public directories.

But if you need more personal details, like previous addresses, family member names, and other phone numbers that belong to the caller you are searching, these directories will not be able to help you.

Even more, these free directories will NOT be able to identify the unlisted and wireless phone numbers you have discovered in your husband’s phone.  For more detailed information on landline numbers and a complete report on unlisted and cell phone numbers, you will need to consult a reverse phone directory that specializes in providing searchers with the ability to track down and/or identify any type of call.

This type of directory is fee based, so make no mistake about that.  You cannot possibly trace the owners of wireless calls in the United States without first paying a nominal fee.  The reason this is so is because cell phone numbers are still considered private information. 

However, you will find that the cost of a single reverse mobile phone report is not large at all, especially when compared against the quantity and quality of information you will quickly have at your disposal.  Within a matter of minutes, you can learn not only the name and current address of the callers your husband has been speaking with, but you will also learn of the caller’s household members, a long list of previous addresses, current occupation, age, alternate phone numbers owned, and oftenFind Article, quite a bit more highly sensitive personal information.