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Want to join one of the top 50 network marketing companies? Get ready for long and extensive research. Marketing hype is only rarely indicative of real quality. In order to pick the right program to join, you will have to draw your own conclusion on the basis of facts.

Membership in Relevant Associations
Start with the basics. Go to the Direct Selling Association (DSA) website. There is an extensive list of all the companies that are members of the association.

The DSA members have to stick to a code of ethics. Some MLM practices are much better than others. You should be looking for highly ethical and transparent business practices, if you want to turn network marketing into a long term occupation.

Look at Professional Rankings
Many websites, magazines and professional organizations accept the difficult task of ranking network marketing businesses. Such rankings can give you a lot of information about the top 50 network marketing companies and the benefits you will get to enjoy by joining each one.

Some rankings are much more reputable than others. The Fortune 500 list, for example, is one of the most trustworthy sources of information. The best network marketing companies will be listed alongside other highly successful businesses. The information is created on the basis of revenue figures and the level of growth that the companies achieved.

There are special rankings dedicated exclusively to companies in the MLM niche. Pay attention to the factors used to rank the companies. Revenue is only one of the important criteria.

Examine the Product
Once you have narrowed it down to several viable possibilities, you should get started with the in-depth research.

The type of product is obviously the first and the most important factor to examine. Is the quality really high? Is this product something that you will feel comfortable working with on a daily basis?

The best network marketers have strong belief in the quality and the usefulness of the product they are trying to sell. Customers are very intelligent and they can sense when marketers are really passionate and when they are simply doing a job. You want to be included in the first group and the quality of the product will be largely determining.

Is Network Marketing Right for You?
Before doing anything else, you have to ask yourself one final question. Are you certain that network marketing is the career opportunity you want?

Assess the pros and the cons of working in the field of MLM. You will have a lot of time and you will be your own boss. The freedom from the traditional employment model attracts many people to the industry. Still, you will have to work very hard and be fully committed. This is a serious job opportunity and it should never be viewed as a leisure time activity. By having this kind of attitudeFind Article, you will be setting yourself up for failure.