A versatile and rugged machine, the GBC MC 12 is
probably the most widely-used wire closer on the market. Here’s why.

One of the more well known and best selling manual twin loop closing

One of the more well known and best selling manual twin loop closing
machines in the world for a number of years, the GBC MC 12 can pretty
much be considered the industry standard at this point. It is almost a
given that were you to take a peek behind the scenes at print and copy
stores, professional binders, and larger self-publishing companies, you
would more often than not find that they are using the MC 12 to do their
wire closing.

One of the reasons this machine is so widely known and used is that it
is as durable as they come. The MC 12 is a tough machine, made of all
heavy-duty metal, and is designed for one thing, and one thing only: to
do the job of closing “C” shaped wire-o, spiral-o, double loop, twin
loop, double-o and WireBind spines into working and workable documents.
As such, the MC12 is the perfect partner for your binding and punching
system, whether manual or automated, that binds in any of these styles
or that features an interchangeable die system.

As previously noted, the MC 12 is built to last, and is constructed of
all steel components. This type of rugged industrial grade build
virtually ensures you that this this machine will last you for years and
years without you ever having to worry about any sort of breakdown or
maintenance issues. Even under the very heaviest usage, you will wear
out before this machine does. This machine is also truly simple to use.
There are two metal adjustment knobs that you use to set the closing
distance. The dual knob system lets you not only tweak the MC12 to the
right size for your particular project, but also allows for adjustments
withing the same document.

The MC 12 works with all and every wire size of wire size out there,
from the smaller 3:1 pitch wire to the largest 2:1 pitch double loop
spines. You can even use this diverse machine with nineteen loop
spiral-o spines. This amazing machine can close everything from the
smallest wires to the largest spines that a lot of other other machines
on the market can’t deal with. Like we said, it’s possible that you may
wear out before the MC 12 does, but it has been designed to take it easy
on you. The handle on this machine is extremely well designed to be
easy to use for those of both the left and right handed persuasion. This
handle goes across the length of the machine, increasing the leverage
and decreasing the force you need to get the job done. It’s a smooth
operating machine that can be used by anyone with ease.

When all is said and doneFree Reprint Articles, it’s safe to say that any business that uses a
modular punch and needs the ability to bind booklets with twin loop
wire would be wise to consider the purchasing the MC 12. It is no
accident that this machine is the most popular manual wire closer in the

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