If you have a GBC pouch laminator, you are going
to need the right supplies for it. Although many companies make
laminating pouches, GBC makes some of the best and they’re perfect for
your laminator.

Before choosing your
supplies, you need to know a little bit about mils because all
laminating pouches have their thicknesses measured by them. A mil is the
equivalent of 1/1000th of an inch. GBC products come in several
different thicknesses ranging from 3 to 10 mil. Thicker pouches should
be used when you want your documents to have more protection. Just be
aware that not all thicknesses are compatible with all laminators.
You’ll want to check your machine’s instruction manual to find out which
ones are compatible.

Now that you know about mils and why
they matter, here are some of the pouches GBC manufactures. Included are
the cost-effective Crystal Clear supplies and the LongLife ones that
offer UV protection. Check them out now and see if there are any that
are right for you.

As for choosing pouches for your projects, you’ll want to consider
cost, what thickness your machine can handle, and if you need UV
protection or other special features. Generally, the RetrieveIt and
Crystal Clear supplies are always wise choicesComputer Technology Articles, but it really depends on
what you need. Consider your requirements before buying your GBC
pouches and you’re bound to end up purchasing the right ones for your
needs. Good luck and happy laminating!

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