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When it comes to body jewelry, it is beautiful but note
that not all individuals are candidates for drilling. For example, people with
hemophilia, may refrain from this. Especially since they have poor blood
clotting and, consequently, the small wounds that leaves the process could
endanger his life, also, where it is better to check allergies before the
allergist to indicate whether the placement of jewelry or not affect health.


Today, body jewelry piercing has become very popular,
and this has caused to be practiced right and left, and without following the
minimal standards of hygiene. This leads to the development of various
diseases, of which there are some that may endanger life, among them are:

of the skin lesions manifested as patches of red, high fever and chills.

Inflammation of the liver caused by virus attack (A, B, C, D or E) that can
cause it to fail.

Skin infection by bacteria infestation which leads to the formation of ulcers
and / or water-filled blisters or pus.

Last phase of infection with human immunodeficiency virus, characterized by
destroying the body’s defenses.

The bacteria causing the disease usually found in soil, but injuries can be
introduced anywhere in the body, resulting in muscle rigidity, seizures, and
inability to breathe.

For these reasons, it is essential that body jewelry piercings are
carried out in indoor establishments to follow the same hygiene standards for
dental offices, so it is not advisable drilled in stalls in the open, as they
allow pollution the work material and expose people to infection. Also, explain
how to care for the drilling and provide a printed with all the instructions to

Importantly, a plastic surgeon can also perform this
type of drilling, so many people flock to this type of specialist, as they
consider more reliable. Speaking of safety, it is extremely important to note
that it is not recommended that drilling be carried out with a gun, and that
because of its shape cannot be sterilized in its entirety, so this device can
accommodate virus hepatitis C, which can survive for several weeks.

As for body jewelry, is best elaborated in surgical
steel, titanium, niobium and gold no less than 14 karat, as it is difficult for
the body from rejecting these materialsFree Web Content, only when the piercing has fully
healed earrings can be made use of other metals.

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