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Social skill problems why your child has social skills difficulties what to do about it

Without appropriate social skills training, children who have trouble socially will have more and more problems as they get older. Let’s take action today and help our children…

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Isa Marrs is a speech language pathologist who helps children gain the social skills they need so they can stop being lonely – as no one wants to be alone. Now if you go to — the social skills resource for parents and professionals – you will get FREE ACCESS to articles like: “Tips to Develop Your Child’s Social Skills from Birth to Age 4 and half” and “10 Strategies for Play Date Success”

Social skills difficulties sneak up on most parents. Suddenly the child who had played alongside the other kids is now feeling isolated and unable to make friends.
This happens because of how quickly social interactions change once a child moves out of toddler-hood. While being able to take turns was once enough, now the child must be able to:
– Grasp the nuances of both verbal and non-verbal language.
– Distinguish between literal and non-literal language.
And while we take it for granted, this is not an easy thing to do.
The worst part of the whole thing is that these children want to make friends. They just do not know how to make or keep friends.
Why Your Child Just Doesn’t Get Social Skills
Parents often tell me it is hard to understand why their child “just doesn’t get it”. One reason is because their child is unable to learn social skills through experience like other children. Instead, he must be taught.
While not limited to them, social skills difficulties are key components to learning, language and Autism Spectrum disorders. Unfortunately the research shows that few of these children are getting the help they need.
The consequences of this are devastating. Children who have trouble socially are at greater risk of suffering from anxiety, depression, substance abuse and social isolation. They are also at greater risk of being bullied since they are unable to pick up on social cues.
The One Thing You Should NOT Do If Your Child Is Experiencing Social Skills Difficulties
Many parents get frustrated when they place their children in settings with other children who have good social skills. They hope that their child will learn from their peers, but since their child is unable to pick up on social cues they don’t.
While this environment is important to practice new skills, it is NOT the place to learn these skills. Everything moves too quickly and sets the child up for failure.
It also risks them being misunderstood by the other children and adults. This leads them to being labeled the “weird”, “mean” or “bad” kid. For example a child who’s overly blunt may be prone to hurt another child’s feelings without meaning to. Even though he does not understand what he is doing wrong he may get in trouble. Unfortunately, when children are given these negative labels they often feel it is their responsibility to live up to them.
For example, there is a little boy I know well whom I will call Brian. Brian is an active little boy with some attention and sensory issues. Brian is also a very bright boy who doesn’t miss a thing.
One day when Brian was doing something he should not be doing I asked him why he was doing it. He replied, “Because I am Brian”.
I shared this comment with his parents who now work hard at avoiding negative labels. However, while we can control the labels given to our children in our own homes, we cannot control how they are labeled outside of our homes.
What You Should Do If Your Child Has Social Skill Problems
Unfortunately social skills problems do not go away by themselves. As social situations become more complex social skill difficulties become more obvious. That means that without appropriate social skills training, children who have trouble socially will have more and more problems as they get older.
The best thing to do for your child is to work on these skills early. This will help your child effectively interact with his peers.
Do not push these needs aside until they become overly apparent. If you feel your child is at risk, or is having difficulty making friends, get help.
As I mentioned earlier, children with autism spectrum disorders as well as learning disabilities have social skills deficits as a central feature of their disorder. If this is your child, these needs should be addressed automatically. There is no reason to wait.
How Waiting to Get Social Skills Help For Your Child Only Complicates the Situation.
A mom from Nevada recently contacted me and said that her “very smart 11 year old daughter loves school” however, “she has kids she knows and will talk to, but no real friends. She cries at night and doesn’t want to go to recess or lunch at school.”
I wish I could say such stories are uncommon, but they are not. A Westchester mom recently said of her daughter “All I want is for her to have at least “one” friend so that she does not hate school and she is not so lonely.”
I hear these stories every day. For 15 years I have worked with children who have these challenges in their lives. However, it is still hard for me to see children who are unable to make or keep friends.
At a recent health fair, I met a mother who told me that her son who is on the autistic spectrum said, “Mom, I always feel like there is something I am missing and I just don’t know what it is.”
What he is missing are the nuances of social interactions. While most of us are able to learn them without assistanceFree Articles, some cannot. Fortunately with the help that is available today these children are able to improve their social skills and have friends. No child should be a lonely child.
Let’s take action today and help our children overcome their social skills difficulties. Our children are depending on us!

Pantry kitchen organizing points

A few user-friendly points to aid you in having your pantry organised in no time. Find out about matters that you must think about in this kitchen organizing project.

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Kitchen Organizing

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Working on kitchen organizing in your pantry is about thinking about the way you want to utilise it and how it will function best given the way your kitchen is laid out. Being true regarding what you actually require is also really important in this operation. More help is obtainable for your kitchen problems at

When you open your pantry, what do you view? If it is full of divergent mystery items and matters which you are not even certain if you make out as yours, you are not solitary. Because a pantry is usually simply a place with a bundle of shelves, it is effortless for it to become disordered and full of items that you actually do not utilise. If you are anything like most of us, the argument is constantly that someday you may need it. But make some time to become true with yourself regarding what you actually need. Kitchen organizing and pantry coordinating means that you genuinely need to take stock of each of those mystery things and truly ask yourself how much you appreciate having that item in your life.

So what is the greatest means to tackle that sloppy pantry? Clean out the full thing and give it a good, thorough cleaning. Do not put anything back in it until you possess a great grounds of why that item should go back. But we are setting about in front of ourselves here.

Before you even think of setting anything back in that pantry, you ought to firstly have discovered how you need to use it. The positioning of the pantry in your kitchen plays a part in kitchen organizing as well as just how you desire to utilize it. If it is troublesome to get to your pantry, you are not going to wish to use it for anything that you need oftentimes. If your pantry is more centrally situated, you will probably desire to use it differently.

The way you desire to use your pantry is also essential. Do you desire to utilise it to stash away identical items? (These should be at a minimum in your kitchen in the starting point.) The plain one is that you will desire it to stash away great things which do not fit well anywhere else. A large piece of this is as well how do you want the shelves within the pantry organised. There should be a logical system to the way your shelves are organised. Cooking things on one shelfFind Article, large plastic ware on another. Seek to avert dispersing similar things out over several various shelves. The entire function of organising your pantry is to get things more painless to find so make sure which like items are stored together.

Top 5 strategies how to communicate with your childrens other parent

 I heard a journalist say recently that “there’s a vicious and respect less way of communicating that’s reserved exclusively for the ‘divorced with children’”. Ouch, that hurt!

I heard a journalist say recently
that “there’s a vicious and respect less way of communicating that’s reserved
exclusively for the ‘divorced with children’”. Ouch, that hurt! Probably
because it’s so true. It doesn’t have to be like that and for the sake of
building a bridge with our children’s other parent here are some ground-rules
for practicing how to play fare. (For the sake of ease here, I’m going to
assume that we’re talking about divorce or separation and that the children
have residence with their mum; their dad having moved to a separate home).

1.  Focus on the Present and the Future
Conversations between separated Mums and Dads about the past often get heated,
stressed and even dangerous. Ideally, you want to get to a point where your
communication is calm and actively contributes to a positive future. If you
have unresolved issues relating to your past relationship, you must find a way
to process these independently to your conversations with your ex. Find a good
counselor, a qualified friend or family member (i.e. they know how to keep you
moving forward and are not going to spend time just agreeing with you), or an
anger-management therapist – whoever it is, work through your feelings about
your ex-partner in a constructive and forward-focused way in your own time.

2.    Focus on the Children’s Wellbeing
Remember that regardless of what you think about your child’s other parent,
your child loves you both and is not a pawn. Try to encourage a good
relationship with their dad after he’s moved away and build up the time your
children spend with him to a level where everyone’s happy. Initially it may be
that the children just want to be in familiar surroundings for the majority of
the time. Encourage and equip them to talk about how they feel and be aware not
to manipulate or colour their thinking. Asking what they want is a good start,
however sometimes they will have to be stretched out of their comfort zone
(like they may just have to go and spend the weekend at Dad’s flat) for the
long-term benefit of all their relationships.

3.    Give Yourself a Time Limit for Conversations
If you find that your tolerance level for being civil to your ex-partner is
limited, then make sure you only talk in short blocks of time. Practice, ‘doing
diaries’ in under 10 minutes. If you feel yourself start to get anxious, then
suggest that ‘we look at this again next week’.
4.    Get Comfortable With Not Concluding
Not all conversations about our children have to be concluded right now. Try to
plan ahead when negotiating access, holidays, saving for gifts, having your
children be at their friend’s parties, etc. Mention ahead of time that you’d
like to take the children to Cornwall, or you want to have them visit their Granny on her
birthday. This will allow time for both parties to consider the benefits for
the children and to consider what a compromise or re-negotiation might look

5.    Be Respectful
Challenging though it might beBusiness Management Articles, talking to your ex with respect is the best way
to begin to change things for the better. I know how hard this can be –
especially in the early days; but it will get easier with practice and
persistence. You owe it to yourself and to your children and ultimately it will
reduce anxiety and increase happiness all round.


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Jennifer Broadley is a qualified executive coach and the
founder of

For more information and a FR*EE Special Report  “ The 5 Secrets for Successful Single
Parenting” visit:

Jennifer Broadley is a qualified executive coach and the
founder of

5 things i love about my corner computer desk

Have you considered getting a corner computer desk, but not sure if it is worth the investment? Here are 5 things that I love about my corner desk, and increased productivity has been a result.

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MJ is a freelance writer for Click Shops, Inc., where you can find the perfect  corner computer desk to suit your needs at

I have a corner computer desk that I received a short while ago, with which I am very happy. It is a lot better than the standard desk that I was using before. Here are the five things that I love best about my corner computer desk.

  1. Work space efficiency. When I sit at the desk in the corner, to my right is the computer with the retractable keyboard shelf, very nice and easy for working. When I need to do some regular off-computer work, I just swivel 90 degrees to the left, and there is my work space: nice, clean and organized. I do not have to push the computer back, or clear stuff away, or lean awkwardly to work to the side (not good on the back). It is just a simple swivel left, and then another back to the right when I need the computer. It makes for a very efficient work environment when you work both on and off the computer.
  2. I can easily access everything I need without getting up or pushing my chair across the room. This really ties in with efficiency, but goes further. Beyond the actual work surface, I can easily access important files because my desk has a file drawer on the left. To the right, are a series of smaller drawers where I keep often accessed supplies and reference material. My printer is even handy to the right of my computer. The left side of my corner computer desk has a hutch, where I keep reference books for various products and the different computer programs that I use – it seems that I always have to look something up because it is a function I do not use regularly enough in the program!
  3. It is very stylish. Gone is the old, metal, government issued desk that I found at a garage sale. It is replaced with a sleek, stylish, golden maple desk with real wood look and feel. It has lines reminiscent of the 1960’s with the pointed feet, but somehow a lot more elegant. Probably due to the the quality finish and modern hardware. The glass in the two doors on the hutch gives it an extra touch of class, making it look more like fine furniture rather than just a functional desk.
  4. I have plenty of space in my corner computer desk. There is room for everything that I need to access, I do not have to juggle mystery piles of stuff, or spend time looking for things that have been placed somewhere “safe”. The extra work space, the hutch with cabinets and shelves, and the drawers all contribute to more space than I had before and helps me to have a place for everything.
  5. It takes the sting out of being sent to the corner as a kid! You know what I mean. Whether your parents made you stand with your nose in the corner, or your teacher made you sit on a stool in the corner of the class room, the corner just had a bad connotation when growing up. Well, no more! I like to sit in the corner. I get a lot done, I work at home and am my own boss. So, Mrs. Rodgers, you can just keep your old dunce cap!

Those are five things that I love about my corner computer desk. I worker harder and more efficiently, my work space is neater and more organized. I get my work done sooner so I have more time with my kids. And as the old adage goes, “when Mom is happyBusiness Management Articles, everybody is happy!”

Convertible sofa beds the pros and cons

There are both good and bad things about owning convertible sofa beds. They are heavy and hard to move, but they offer a lot of convenience if space is at a premium. Read all about it.

The thing I would identify as the main good aspect about owning one of the convertible sofa beds is their obvious utility. Most people I sold these critters to called them hide-a-beds. And that’s exactly what they are. The bed hides away inside what appears to be a normal looking couch. If living space is limited, and the need exists for another bed for a guest to sleep on, then this makes a nice alternative to setting up a separate bed when it is only going to be used occasionally. You sort of get the best of two worlds. Full use of a sofa couch, and use as a bed. Pretty cool!

Convertible sofa beds are simple to set up and can usually be easily done by only one person. Just remove the cushions, grab a hold of the little center handle thing and lift up and toward you. Viola! Out pulls a folded bed that can then be made up and used. Like my youngest daughter says, “Easy peazy, lemon squeazy.”

Now, on to two of the downsides of convertible sofa beds. First, I can, with complete confidence, assure you that you will not want to move one of these beasts. They are heavy! Sometimes very heavy. My oldest son and I once delivered one to a college girl who, when asked about the details of where the thing had to be delivered, assured us that, “Oh, it’s just up some stairs and straight into my apartment.” Well, talk about hell on earth. Super narrow stairs, lots of them, an even narrower entrance into her apartment, a funky landing at the top of the stairs with a low ceiling overhead and an almost impossible angle into the apartment. And it didn’t help that it was as hot as Hades outside, no breeze, and probably one of the heaviest convertible sofa beds we had ever delivered. After about an hour of trying every possible solution, we finally managed to get it in. I pity the poor fool that ever has to remove it.

Second, convertible sofa beds really aren’t the height of comfort. You do get what you pay for, and you can find ones that have comfortable mattresses inside. It’s sort of a trade off between convenience and comfort and price.

So weigh your needs. Think about the pros and cons of convertible sofa beds. Decide if what you purchase is going to give you what you want to get. And rememberBusiness Management Articles, you can always pay for delivery!

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MJ writes for ClickShops Inc., where you can find a great selection of convertible sofa beds at

Gun safe accessories what do you need

Now that you have your gun safe, what accessories do you need? Well, you may not know until you find out what is available. Gun safe accessories include a variety of items from dehumidifiers to holsters to special lighting, find out more to see what you might need to make your gun safe more accessible and organized.

One important category of accessories to consider to protect your firearms is a dehumidifier. Many high end safes already come equipped with a dehumidifier, but if not, there are a variety of options available. One nifty option uses crystals to absorb extra moisture, so you just have to hang or place the unit in your safe. The plus side is that no batteries or outlet needed. The down side is that the moisture absorbing crystals need to be “renewed” once they are filled to capacity. This is usually done by plugging in the unit so that the built in heater can dry out the crystals. There is a color indicator that lets you know when it is time to renew the unit, but typically it is about every 6 – 8 weeks, and then the unit has to be plugged in for about 8 hours before you can place it back into your safe.

If your safe has an outlet, or a small hole in the back to run a cord, then a regular dehumidifier would be a great gun safe accessory option for you. This type of dehumidifier actually circulates the air within the safe.

The next top item on a list of must have gun safe accessories is interior lighting. Same as above, upper end safes often come with some type of lighting, but if not you have a couple of options. There are fluorescent lighting kits that can be installed, or I even have seen an interior rope light that can be installed that has a magnetic switch so that the light comes on when the safe door is opened.

If you have pistols, you can get a pistol rack to sit on a shelf in your safe that keeps your pistols nicely organized and accessible while maximizing space. You can get racks that hold from four to eight hand guns, and I have seen them in both metal and wood.

Another option for storing pistols are holsters or pistol pockets that velcro to the inside of the door of the safe. You can fit quite a few holsters on the door of your safe, freeing up a lot of room for other items.

Many safe manufacturers now offer a variety of safe interiors, and some of them are specially designed to fit on the safe door with an assortment of pockets and holsters for a wide range of items from pistols to ammo or any other small accessories you may need to store in your safe.

If you have an older safe that you would like to update, you can install an electronic safe lock that may have fancy features such as a time delay mode.

Other gun safe accessories that are handy if you use your safe for more than just guns are things like jewelry trays and small 2-4 drawer storage chests that can be placed in the safe and keep small valuables organized.

As you can, see there many options available when it comes to gun safe accessories. Though they may not all be for youFree Articles, you may discover that there are some things that you simply cannot do without as they bring greater organization to your safe or helps to protect your items from rust or mildew.

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Massage chair ratings

Masage chair ratings can be really helpful. Just remember to filter what you read through your own common sense, and with a rasonable amount of critical thinking. Marketers will say just about anything. Consumers tend to be a little more objective, both for the good and the bad.

It may seem like massage chair ratings done with a slant are a bad thing, but they really aren’t. That’s because when you read a rating on any product you are going to hear the good and the bad. I am sure you have noticed that when customers have an experience that is good or bad enough that they are willing to take the time to leave a comment about it, you know you are reading something written by someone with a pretty strong opinion, one way or the other.

Having said all that, the nice thing about massage chair ratings are that they act to inform potential buyers of massage chairs about their potential purchase so that they can make a decision based on comparisons and ratings of other people. Like everything else, the consumer has to learn to filter what they read through their own common sense and experience. If you read a review or rating that is all roses, you might have found a really nice chair, or you might simply be reading a lot of marketing and hype. You have to filter it to make the determination.

If you find yourself reading massage chair ratings that seem objective and fair to you then you are well on your way to finding some helpful information. For obvious reasons, I like finding reviews and ratings written by consumers more than by companies. Forums and web sites designed to do fair reviews can be pretty helpful. These seems to be the most reliable because of the simple fact that they don’t have a financial motive. These sources will give both the good and the bad.

Massage chair ratings usually take a look at things like the usability of the chair. If the chair isn’t that usable or very convenient to use then what good is it? Another thing common to review is how the chair is constructed. If it is made out of something durable and long lasting then that’s a good thing to know. If it is made out of inferior materials, that is equally good to know. Don’t you hate it when marketers make their products sound way better than they are? You take in their information, go to make your purchase, try out the item, only to discover that it is a piece of garbage. Marketers don’t always do that, but some seem to have a propensity for stretching the truth.

Of course, the two big things to take note of when looking at massage chair ratings is how effective the chair is at giving massages, and how accessible the controls are. It doesn’t do any good to get a massage chair that leaves you feeling like you need a massage when you are done. And if you can’t control the different features that some of the chairs have it will just become another clothes rackFree Reprint Articles, like that workout bike you got at the beginning of the year. Massage chair ratings will help you make your purchase if you filter what you read and pay attention to the details.

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Liberty safes lives up to its name

Liberty Safes embody what liberty means in America today. Give something great in order to get something great. Making the best safes on the market is no small task, and because they do, consumers benefit. It creates a cycle of positive liberty that everyone gains from.

Like any patriotic American, I am interested in liberty, freedom, and human rights. So I am interested in examples of liberty in action. Liberty Safes is an American company and stands for all those things. It makes, arguably, the best safes on the market. But before I get into that I wanted to take a quick look at the meaning behind the name. Liberty is more than just being able to drive from state to state without going through border checkpoints. It is more than being able to start a business and work hard to improve one’s life. Volumes have been written on what liberty really is.  Philosophers and politicians have had more than plenty to say on this subject. Here are just a few brief ideas.

When individuals or companies act without the control and force of somebody or something acting from the outside to influence them coercively, they are exercising liberty. This is a simple concept, but Liberty Safes embodies such a conception. There is nobody forcing them  to make safes the way they do. They could take an easier, cheaper way, but they choose the high road and created their own standard of excellence.

Another view defines liberty as less of an individualistic concept, and more from a larger social perspective. This view situates individuals and companies more generally in the socioeconomic sphere of society in terms of the broader interests being served. Consider Liberty Safes, they are part of a capitalistic system, but they operate to benefit more than just themselves. In fact, by benefiting others, they benefit themselves. This is liberty at its finest. And, for better or worse, this system where one benefits by benefiting others is here to stay.

To the extent that Liberty Safes participates in an effort to benefit society, they benefit themselves. It’s a positive circle of liberty, if you will. The end for them is profits, but they get there best by making sure that the products they put out are going to be of the highest quality, with the most features, and the best warranty, and thus benefit the end consumer. When they do that the consumer benefits equally and the positive cycle continues.

So Liberty Safes go on building lifetime warranted safes for millions of happy customers. The are setting the highest standard in the industry. And while no safe manufacturer can claim absolute 100% protection, Liberty Safes protect against theft and fire better than anyone. No matter what you need to protectFree Web Content, share in the social and individual phenomenon of liberty with Liberty Safes.

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Shelves offer perfect garage storage solutions

There are many great garage storage solutions available to home owners today, but never underestimate the use of a basic shelf. Take a look at two basic shelving options available to help organize your garage, what to look for and the benefits of each type.

There are two main types of shelving: free standing and wall mounted shelves.

Free standing shelves can be made out of a variety of materials, including pressed board, resin, wood, metal and heavy duty wire that is often coated with rubber. The main nice thing about free standing utility shelves as garage storage solutions is that you can move them around, placing them where they are needed most. When placed strategically in the garage, you can even use them as a divider, such as to separate a shop area from the rest of the garage.

This style of shelves can come in a variety of depths, commonly from 12” to 20”. These also can come in a variety of styles. Some come on lockable casters so that you can move them easily and them lock them into place so that they do not move. Others, such as some of the heavy duty plastic / resin shelves easily break down for portability. The solid, heavy duty plastic coated wire shelves will hold a large amount of weight, and will not rust if they get wet, which is a big advantage over the pressed board style and for many are a preferred form of garage storage solutions.

Wall mounted shelves also come in a variety of material, though it is best to get a heavy duty shelf that is specially designed for the garage, such as one that is designed to hold up to 100 lbs. per linear foot. Heavy duty wire shelves are ideal because they do hold a lot of weight, and because of their open design you can easily see from below what is stored on shelves that are higher up on the wall. The open wire design also allows for greater air circulation which helps cut down on any mold or mildew problems if you live in humid areas.

When hanging shelves on your walls, you need to make sure that you consider what you are going to store on them so that you can plan for the correct amount of spacing between shelves, especially since they are more difficult form of garage storage solutions to move around once they are hung. One advantage to hanging shelves on the wall over free standing shelves is that you can start the shelves on the wall where ever you want, allowing a greater amount of space under the first shelf. This allows you to store some taller items (such as stools or wheel barrows) underneath.

Besides shelves, there are also many other great garage storage solutions to help you make your garage a safer and more productive work area, such as garage cabinets and utility hooks. So, start with shelves, and then add other options until you have designed a garage that best suits your storage and hobby needs. After allArticle Search, a garage should be more than just a catch all for miscellaneous items around your house.

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MJ writes for ClickShops Inc., which offers a large variety of garage storage solutions for your home at

What to include in your wall safe checklist

Now that your wall safe is installed, well hidden behind your favorite painting, it is time to fill it with everything you want to keep safe and secure. But what should you include? Here is a basic checklist of possible items you may want to put in your safe to keep safe from theft or fire. Included are important documents, possible media files, valuables and much more.

First, important documents. Not only is it vital to keep such documents safe, but it is nice to know where to look for them. Types of documents might include birth certificates, marriage and death certificates, deeds and titles, insurance policy information, investment portfolios or information, passports, social security cards, wills and trusts, appraisals, mortgage documents, health records, home inventory, copy of receipts for major purchases, or anything else you may want to keep secure or out of other peoples hands.

Most wall safes are smaller than a full size safe, so rifles may not fit (though there are closet sized wall safes that would work) but hand guns should be kept secure. Keeping a pistol in a safe keeps them out of small hands and possible tragedy. You should also include ammunition or other related items in your safe.

A back up of any important digital media should be kept in your wall safe. What you keep on this external hard drive, CD’s or thumb drive will vary from individual to individual but may include the following: digital pictures, financial information, your music, work related documents, personal correspondence, internet book marks, password information etc. You may also want to keep a back up of important computer programs that you use. You do not have to back up your entire computer (unless you really want to), but just things that you would really need or miss. There are plenty of things I am loathe to throw away from my hard drive, but if my computer was destroyed I probably wouldn’t even miss! Be aware that if you have a lot of media that you want to protect that it does damage at lower temperatures than paper so you will want a wall safe with higher fire ratings.

Any valuables that you have, such as jewelry. This would also include heirloom items which may have a monetary or sentimental value. This may include collectible items such coins or baseball cards or any other small items you collect. Also, any one of a kind items such as autographed pictures. Basically, whatever is valuable to you that you would not want destroyed in a fire or other natural disaster should be put in your wall safe.

I also like to put a bit of emergency cash in my safe. It doesn’t have to be a lot, that is obviously what a bank is for, but knowing that you have some cash in the house that you can access at any time for any reason can bring a lot of peace of mind.

I have tried to be thorough, and though you probably don’t have everything I’ve listed, hopefully it has gotten you thinking as to what is important to you that you need to protect. A wall safe is an important purchase, to keep your valuables and important information safe from theft or damageArticle Submission, so make sure you use it wisely.

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